My name is Rylee Thomas. I am a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Art History. I am from Kansas City, Missouri.

After taking this course, MDST 2001, I’ve learned how much bigger the world is than just me. From every corner of the world, people express their ideologies and worldviews through media. I’ve also learned how the United States often isolates itself in terms of information, only emphasizing news stories that pertain to the U.S. and its image, which makes me much more critical of news sources I stumble upon. After taking this course, I’ve learned how much is left to learn about the world around me. As an Art History Major, I found that this class made me much more interested in exploring the art of other countries and how that art functions in society.

In this portfolio, you will find my works that I have completed throughout the course of this class. Critical Analysis #3 explores cultural stereotypes in U.S. exemplified in the Iron Man films. The Global Media Monitoring Project helped me investigate foreign news sources and compare them to U.S. news sources, which broadened my worldview in a way I wasn’t quite expecting. Other projects range from recycling, to the Ryan Lochte controversey, to NWA and its impact on Law & Order.